Why Travis? Why now? 

“I have the obligation to champion the needs of my neighbors and make them my priority. I value family, hard work, dedication, fair opportunities, pulling each other up, advocacy and the right to pursue your dreams. My vision is to build a community that is equitable, where the plight of all of our citizens is a priority and where our constituents are not separated by color, gender, or economics. I envision a county where all needs are considered when making decisions.”

Uniting to solve problems

Establishing the detailed execution and implications of reimagining the police force was a major focal point during the conversations leading up to the final approval. Travis points out that creating a task force consisting of municipal, community, and non profit leaders will ensure that the concerns of the public continue to be at the heart of this effort.

Reimagining Public Safety

“Fire Fighters are seen as heroes, you hear the siren and you pull over even when you don’t see them. When you are at your worst they are your heroes. That’s how policing needs to be. They are supposed to be your hero. You shouldn’t panic if you’re pulled over. If someone calls for help, you shouldn’t have to worry that an officer will use your outfit or your skin color to judge your innocence.People don’t want to feel surveilled. If IFD showed up and a hose didn’t work they would be fired. Yet, an officer can have dozens of complaints, excessive force, harassment and yet they are defended and protected. Policing should be respected and serve the public like we respect fire fighters. What ever we do to move forward we must aim for this level of service.”

Contribute Your Way

Funding a campaign is hard and asking for a contribution is even more difficult. The after-effects of a global pandemic are tough enough on everyday folks. If you are in a position to support financially then by all means, please do. If your family is struggling or dealing with any hardships related to COVID, please keep your money and take care of your family.

You can help in other ways: share our posts, volunteer in any way, subscribe to our newsletter, engage with me, ask questions to my staff, and sign my petition. Every dollar raised is deeply appreciated and will go towards our campaign which represents the people of Legislative District 1. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

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City of Ithaca unanimously passes “Reimagining Public Safety” resolution

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Tompkins County Votes to Pass the Reimagining Public Safety Plan

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GIAC’s Travis Brooks running for Tompkins Legislature

THE ITHACA VOICE -- Travis Brooks, local youth and community advocate, has announced his candidacy for Tompkins County Legislator in District 1. “I want to be the voice at the table that represents the entire community because I've lived their experiences. Their...