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“Travis has been that father figure to me for twenty plus years.”

Khiry Brown

“What I have liked about [Travis] is his willingness and motivation to engage with everyone, even those with differing opinions, and actually listen and connect. I think it makes him stand out from the others. I think he’s “old school” liberal, like when that meant free speech and actual human/civil rights. I’ve been totally my open, frank self with him and Gloria and they’ve not only not batted an eye, but they’ve been really welcoming and open with me. I also liked his very pragmatic solution to the “affordable housing problem” (I have some issues with that phrase), which is to encourage and enable infill with auxiliary apartments on private lots. I see that as not only addressing the SUPPLY side of the issue (which is where I think the obvious answer lies), but also will allow us to create more housing while keeping the character of the old city, give financial benefits to local homeowners (rather than just outside development companies), and helps new people integrate better to established communities. He’s interested in helping find real solutions to IPD role in the community, not just simplistic “defund” slogans. I see Travis as someone looking to make practical, pragmatic, real changes/impacts rather than jibber-jabber some ideology proclamations that either don’t amount to anything or which likely exacerbate the class/skin color/cultural divide/segregation here in our wonderfully progressive downtown.”

Anita Graf, Resident, District 1